what we offer

studiomem designs the future.

As design consultants, we uncover future opportunities that are desirable to your customers, as well as feasible and viable for your business. As design agency, we turn these opportunities into new service - and product relationships with your customers. With more than 30 combined partner-years in design, we offer a unique and seamless blend of design-thinking and design-doing.

Contact us for a personal meeting and an in-depth presentation of our work: info@studiomem.com

Consulting Services:

Innovation Culture
“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” (P. Drucker)  An organisation either acts and behaves innovatively - or it doesn’t. And “innovation” is not a department anymore: it needs to permeate an organisation starting with the leadership. studiomem has repeatedly acted as a corporate coach for change and successfully developed in-house design and innovation functions through interim engagements with category-leading organisations.

Contextual Futures
There is no future vision without context. Distilling trends into fictional-but-plausible scenarios for a specific market segment, in which we describe how users might interact with a future proposition, is a great way to generate fresh, disruptive ideas quickly. From this, new business opportunities can be mapped and strategic options navigated. See also: Contextual Futures Workshop

New Business Models 
Designers master one of the best development tools there is: inexpensive, iterative failure. Just like prototyping parts or entire functionalities of a product in the cheapest and fastest way, studiomem can also help you create, specify and prototype your new business idea in the simplest and most effective ways. For years, we've been using Strategyzer's Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas as effective tools in collaborative workshops with business and marketing strategists and and we are competent at translating new business ideas into a sound business model.

Agency Services:

Next-Gen Product & Service Relationships
We are in business of helping you to attract new customers and retain them with a better offering. We do so by helping your organisation move from developing singular customer experiences into planning and designing customer-brand relationships. Whether we are designing for physical, virtual or augmented touchpoints - we will help you envision and build the most relevant narrative for your product and service. 



A prototype is worth a thousand words. MAKERlab is a format for generating, prototyping and iterating ideas collaboratively and cross-functionally. Bring your team’s brightest and most creative members to this workshop. read more

Disaster Scenarios Workshop
Fictional failure or "Black Swan" Disasters are a great way to stimulate your organisation's best creative thinking. We can help your team stage the most disruptive and plausible threats to your business and will assure that strategy & solution development becomes serious play.  We offer a workshop to help you deliver your innovation plan. read more

Contextual Futures
This is a workshop format to help forecast the future of your business. Using social, economic and technological trends, we create a context that makes future customer needs tangible while showing the potential threats and opportunities to your business in a given timeframe. We then backcast from that future vision to describe the most important milestones between then and now. read more